Camp STIX 2018: In Color

June 24-30, 2018


Before Camp

  • Please review the Packing List to be sure you have all the necessities before coming to camp and keep in mind the Dress Code when packing.  Consider making an inventory list for your camper to know what to pack when returning home—please also label all personal items for ease of return.
  • Consider packing outfits or costumes that correspond with our daily themes for the week.  The themes are listed below.
  • Contraband is something we encounter each year.  We consider gum, food, snacks, electronics, phones, gaming devices, iPhones, iPods, MP3 players, etc. to be contraband.  Leave this all at home. Don't worry about food, we'll feed them more than enough!
  • If you plan on participating in paintball this year, please consider the following:  It's important to bring attire that will protect your skin. Bring clothes that can get dirty and will cover your arms and legs (sweatshirts, long sleeved t-shirts, pants, etc.).  Please be aware that if you participate in paintball, chances are good that you will be hit with a paintball (and it may not feel good). Feel free to bring your own equipment if you have it but know that t will need to be given to camp staff and stored in a secure location during the rest of camp.  Basic equipment and paintballs will be provided.

Medical Considerations

  • Thank you to everyone who was diligent about getting their required Physician’s Releases in.  There are only a few outstanding and this is required for participation in camp (this is due June 1st).
  • Please note the date of your child’s last tetanus shot as this is the most likely immunization booster required for a possible exposure at camp.  If you do not want your child to be immunized, please discuss this with your medical team when checking your camper in. In the event of an outbreak or exposure, you will be notified accordingly.
  • We have blood glucose meters and test strips as well as blood ketone meters and test strips, so no need for you to bring these (unless your insulin pump is an Omnipod or Accu-Chek Spirit).
  • Bring the current bottle or pen of insulin that you are using with you to camp.  If more insulin is needed, we have a supply to use. At the end of camp, our practice is to send some extra insulin home with each camper.  When coming to pick up your child, we suggest bringing a cooler along to keep the insulin from spoiling in the heat on the way home.
  • We are allowing use of Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGM's) or sensors this year at camp, if your camper chooses.  We will still perform blood glucose testing throughout the day and night, regardless of whether a CGM is worn. Please carefully review our CGM Policy to understand the risks and liabilities.  Camp STIX is not liable for lost or damaged devices.  CGM transmitters must be paired with either a Dexcom handheld receiver or an insulin pump.  No camper phone or iPod receiver devices that use data/wifi are allowed at camp, NO exceptions.  

Insulin Pumps

  • Insulin pumps look alike!  Please put a label on the back of your camper's insulin pump.  Also, double check the date and time in your child's pump to be sure it is correct.
  • We have a limited number of back-up supplies, so please bring enough cartridges/pods, infusion sets, IV prep, and IV3000 for your camper for the week.  Don't forget those insertion devices if you need them. A zip-lock bag with your name on it works well to store your extra supplies.
  • Site changes - remember to place a new pump infusion set on Sunday June 24th, prior to coming to camp.  We will change pump sites every 48-72 hours at camp, or as dictated by your camper’s blood glucose levels and other factors.

Glucagon Drive - We collect glucagon kits for donation.  Unexpired are best, but we will accept any expired <6 months. These will be sent to an organization that sends this life-saving medication to much people in need all over the world.  Please bring these to camp if you can!

Homesickness Information - Remember to review this information with your camper, especially if this is your camper's first year at camp, or first time away from home.  Talking about it ahead of time is the best way to prevent it. We don't want homesickness to take away from your child's camp experience.

Bedwetting information - Be sure to provide any necessary supplies and discuss any preferences with your medical team when you check in.  We have laundry services at camp if needed, and of course, every measure is made to be discrete to avoid any potential embarrassment for your child.  Please bring two sleeping bags or two sets of sheets and blankets so that we can discreetly wash a set during the day if necessary.

  • All campers and volunteers will receive a bracelet to wear at camp to indicate whether or not they have diabetes.  Additionally, if you have a medical ID you like to wear, please feel free.


  • Any child/volunteers with an anaphylactic reaction to food, medication, or otherwise will be required to wear a red allergy bracelet.  Please send your child’s EpiPen along with them. If you prefer that your child carry an EpiPen at all times, please send them with a belt or pouch that they can carry it.  We will have EpiPens at MASH and also satellite stations throughout camp for emergencies.
  • If you have additional concerns about any allergies, reactions, or foods, be sure to discuss them with your medical team when you check in.  Our specialty diets director will also be available during check-in. We do our best to accommodate everyone's dietary requests.
  • If your child seems to incur multiple and severe bites from mosquitos and biting flies, resulting in large localized reactions, swelling and infection, we ask that you discuss with your healthcare provider about using an antihistamine such as Zyrtec or Claritin, during the time at camp to potentially reduce these reactions.  This may help us avoid having to treat with antibiotics. Of course, we ask you to encourage your campers to use bug spray to prevent these bites all together.

Medical Check-In Form - Please print and complete with your camper’s information and bring it to camp to help expedite the medical part of camp check-in.

TrialNet - We hope you will take advantage of this convenient opportunity to screen your entire family and help to advance this important autoantibody research to understand the prevention of diabetes.  If you would like to save time at camp, call 800-888-4187 or email to review paperwork at least a week prior camp. Learn more about TrialNet at their website

Check-in at Camp: Sunday June 24th

Plan ahead: No early or late arrivals are permitted.  When you arrive, please follow the instructions of our volunteers for where to park and how to check-in.  Please arrive as close as possible to your assigned times to help facilitate the check-in process. Check-in times on Sunday, June 24th are as follows:

2 PM for campers with last names starting M-Z

3 PM for campers with last names starting A-L

Do not arrive before 1:30 PM or after 4 PM; we will not be available to serve you outside the above times

The address for Riverview Bible Camp is 408771 SR 20 – Riverview Bible Camp, Cusick, WA 99119

  • Be sure you bring your completed Medical Check-In Form as described above.
  • If you will not be the one picking up your camper at the end of the week, when you check in, please designate who will pick up your child and provide the necessary contact information.  You will need to provide your signature to authorize any changes such as this.

A few reminders:

  • We will not be conducting swim tests at check in so there is no need for your camper to wear a swimsuit to the first day of camp.
  • We are no longer collecting the Pre-Camp Diabetes Record forms, however be sure to complete your Medical Check-In Form before camp.

Mail at Camp

The camp mail is a little slower than usual (3 days to arrive from Spokane), so please remember to send your camper mail by post before Tuesday, June 26th to:

Camp STIX: [Person’s name]

c/o Riverview Bible Camp

408771 State Route 20

Cusick, WA 99119

  • You may also wish to bring dated letters to be delivered on designated dates, there will be a bin for dropoff at check-in.
  • Please do not include any private or inappropriate messages that can’t be shared with other campers or volunteers.  
  • Campers will not be able to send out e-mail or texts but they can send outgoing mail.  Please provide your camper with postage and envelopes if you would like to receive mail from them.  
  • Mail will be distributed once each day. The camp email will not be used to deliver personal messages to campers or volunteers.

Last Day of Camp: Saturday June 30th

Please plan to attend our Parents’ Program from 9:00-9:45 AM.  

  • Check-Out is from 9:45-10:30 AM, where you’ll meet with your individual Medical Team before departing and receive snacks for your camper’s journey home.  
  • All campers and volunteers must leave camp by 11 AM.  Plan ahead: No early or late departures are permitted.  Please be prompt and safe in your departure.

Emergency Contact

If you have an emergency during the camp week, please contact our Camp Director, “Malicious” Meghan Terry at 509-484-1366 or call the RBC office at 509-445-1195.  We will also be checking our email regularly at



Monday | Tangelo Tides (ORANGE)

Monday is the day for every shade of orange. We’re heading out to sea to grab that life preserver. Campers and staff can dress up in their best sea wear, as the ship captain, or as a member of a cruise ship crew. 


Tuesday | Goji Galaxy (RED)

Tuesday is the day for every shade of red. We have our eyes set on the stars, planets, and making our way through the galaxy. Campers and staff can dress up in their out of this world space gear or as anything extraterrestrial.


Wednesday | Lavender Law (PURPLE)

Wednesday is the day for every shade of purple. Today will answer the question; are you a law breaker or a law enforcer? Campers and staff can dress up as a police officer, fire fighter, EMT, or as a jail inmate. 


Thursday | Juniper Jungle (GREEN)

Thursday is the day of every shade of green. Today we’re going on a lion hunt and we don’t care. Adventure calls and we are going on a safari that may end with a dance that brings out our 

inner animal. Campers and staff can dress up in their craziest safari gear or as an animal of the jungle.


Friday | Sapphire STIX (BLUE)

Friday is the day of every shade of blue. Just because it’s the last full day of camp doesn’t mean 

you have to be blue though. Campers and staff can wear their favorite Camp STIX shirt during the day.