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                        Welcome to DISH!

DISH It Up! 

The Camp STIX kitchen is known as DISH, which stands for Dietary Interventions Sustain Health.   This clever acronym is quite fitting as the mission of DISH is to provide nutritious, appetizing, and safe cuisine to our campers and volunteer staff.  As diabetes is a metabolic disorder in which appropriate insulin must be provided to metabolize glucose, careful attention is paid to ensure that carbohydrate contents for all meals and snacks are accurately calculated.  This information is communicated to our medical team, MASH, who works with each camper to balance insulin with carbohydrate intake.  At Camp STIX we do our best to produce enjoyable foods which promote stable blood sugars to allow our campers the best opportunity to have the time of their lives!

Making Something Good

DISH makes every effort in planning our menu to prepare as many dishes as possible from scratch, offer whole grain bread products, multiple fresh fruit options, and a full salad bar at every lunch and dinner.  It is our hope that by providing fresh and nutritious delectable foods it will encourage our campers to practice healthy eating as a cornerstone of superior diabetes management. They may even experience something new!

Whole Grain Heroes

At Camp STIX we believe the best way to promote nutritious eating (other than offering totally bomb nutritious foods...) is to make it cool, and what could be cooler than winning a "Whole Grain Hero" t-shirt?!?!  To encourage healthy eating we have created a "Whole Grain Hero" contest in which camper and staff winners are selected at every meal who have demonstrated making nutritious and balanced choices. Winners are recognized with a Whole Grain Hero t-shirt award.  With many campers proudly displaying their shirts at camp as a Whole Grain Hero, this promotion has been a great success and is a large part of the spirit of DISH.   

Specialty Diets

Sometimes our campers have more to consider with their food than just balancing blood sugars.  A very special feature of DISH is the accommodation and management of such dietary needs as those of celiac disease, lactose intolerance, food allergies, and vegetarian eating preferences.  Children with special dietary needs are welcome because at Camp STIX specialty diets are no problem! 

Lots of Smiles   

Volunteering with DISH is an opportunity to participate in a positive environment performing gratifying work alongside a gracious staff.  With dedication to quality and teamwork our warm-hearted volunteers are happy putting forth lots of time and effort for the benefit of our campers.  The DISH staff are an integral aspect of the success of Camp STIX, and they're well-regarded for their selfless service, fabulous food, and lots of smiles!  

For more information on volunteering with DISH please email us at: campstix@gmail.com

To begin your registration process to volunteer at Camp STIX with DISH please click here.

Join DISH!

We don't play with our food, much...  If you would like to contribute to making nutritious and appetizing foods that promote healthy eating as a cornerstone of exceptional diabetes management please volunteer with DISH!  Click here to begin your registration process.

Bodacious Says
When asked about DISH, Bodacious says:

"I love making nutritious foods that taste great.  Every meal is an adventure!"


To see a video about DISH, and all that goes on around meal times please click here to watch DISH and Dining at Camp STIX 2010.