Medical / MASH
The MASH Team

MASH is the Med Team for Camp STIX.  We offer diabetes management and medical care for our campers that can't be beat!  With an outstanding group of licensed health care providers and students, blood sugars are checked many times a day, and also during the night, so that they can stay on top of all the changes which happen during a week at camp.  Parents can take a break during this week trusting that the MASH team will provide the safety which allows their child to focus more attention on bigger and better things -- like havin' a rockin' time participating in all the fun at Camp STIX! 

Equipment & Supplies

We bring a lot of equipment and supplies up to camp, so we can take care of all our campers' diabetes needs, as well as treatment for illness and injury. 

Standing By

Wherever the action is we set up close-by to watch the blood sugars and to treat extremes.


We supervise regular pump site changes (every 2 days), and ensure insulin injections are accurate and safe.

Teachable Moments

Before all meals and snacks we review the food content with our campers and help them decide how they want to manage their insulin needs.  We try to take advantage of "teachable moments" like this to review their understanding of diabetes and to help them learn new and valuable information. 

Creative Education

Through creative games and skits campers receive diabetes education that makes learning fun and its lessons memorable.

Tons of FUN!

There's plenty of fun to be had at camp, and the MASH team is always ready to join in the festivities!   


For more information on volunteering with MASH please email us at: campstix@gmail.com

To begin your registration process to volunteer with MASH at Camp STIX please click here