Camp STIX Camper Registration is CLOSED as of  June 15th, 2017

Please email campstix@campstix.org right away if you missed camper registration.  We may still be able to have your camper attend.

Camp Information

Camp STIX is an independent, community-based, summer camp located in Northeastern Washington for children and teens with diabetes throughout the Northwest. The camp is held at Riverview Bible Camp on the Pend Oreille River near Cusick, Washington. Camp STIX offers a one-week program for youth ages 9-18. See you there!

Camp STIX is based on four fundamentals for success:
Campers at Camp STIX will receive the necessary resources to mentally and physically overcome the everyday challenges of having diabetes.
Camp STIX offers all that traditional summer camps offer, plus a whole lot more!  Games such as Capture the Flag, Message to Garcia, A.W.O.L., Counselors Ghost, and activities like arts and crafts, canoeing, swimming, and an exciting campfire are all part of the tradition of Camp STIX.
Campers will receive optimum diabetes care from local physicians and other health care providers including physician assistants nurses, diabetes educators, and dietitians. Campers will have the tools and resources to successfully manage their diabetes while at camp by balancing their activity level with their food and insulin intake.
Camp STIX will never offer a dull moment to children with diabetes.  Our summer camp has a ton of activities which will give kids a terrific week of friendship and fun that they will never forget.

Our Volunteers
Camp STIX would not be possible without the generous donations of time, money, and supplies from our STIX community. Camp is fueled by lots of volunteers who work tirelessly throughout the year and during the camp week. Last year we had 200 campers making it our biggest year yet! It took ...
72 medical volunteer members including Medical Director, Education Director, and Medical Team members care for our campers 24/7. We have physicians, physician assistants, nurses, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, and many professional students to care for our campers.
41 kitchen volunteer members make and serve healthy food. We have nutrition experts and cheerful kitchen helpers who plan menus, prepare the food, measure carbs and keep campers well fed.
92 program and support volunteers including Camp Director, Medical Director, Education Director, Program Directors, Crafts Directors, Director Assistants, Photographers, Lead Counselors, Counselors, and Junior Counselors who provide the fun activities and loving care to our campers.
15 Board Directors who work all year for camp.
Vendors provide us with tens of thousands of dollars in glucose meters, test strips, insulin, medical supplies, backpacks, and fun take-home items. Yet many expenses remain.


Camp STIX 2017

Tuition for campers is $900, however there are opportunities for families with need to obtain financial support.  You can review Camp STIX Diabetes Programs Campership policy here.  You can also contact your local Lion's Club for possible financial support to attend camp. Find your local Lions Club here.  The Lions Club has been an excellent supporter of our campers!

You can review more Camp STIX policies and resources for parents at campstix.org/atcamp

Registration and Campership Timeline:

(if you have registered after any of the dates below, please try to complete all past deadlines as soon as possible)

    May 7: Campership recipients notified via email
    If you register for camp after May 1, your Campership Notification will be emailed to you within two weeks of an acceptance email.
    June 1: Physician’s Release Form due for all accepted campers
    June 1: Tuition is due for all accepted campers
    If it is now after June 1st, please send an email to campstix@campstix.org of when you plan to be able to complete your tuition payment.
    June 1: Last date to cancel registration for tuition refund minus $25 deposit
    June 1: "Thank You" Letters due for all Campership recipients
    If your Campership hasn't been approved at least one week prior to this deadline, please send us your letter as soon as you can after receiving your approval.
    June 15: No camper registrations will be accepted after this date